About Tradcom

Online catalogues with more than 500,000 items

The electronic catalogues at TradCom include hundreds of product groups that accurately fulfil your requirement for MRO items.

If, for example, paper catalogues are published for certain product groups, then the electronic catalogues follow the same structure. With the TradCom catalogues, static information is a thing of the past, as they always contain the most up-to-date information. Once a paper catalogue is printed, the information is fixed and an addendum or a reprint is necessary to update information. Only by carefully following up who has ever received the printed catalogues can revised information be provided.

BME Cat is used as the basic file form for the catalogues. With the general catalogues as the starting point, highly flexible company catalogues can be compiled, geared to your specific users groups.

Providing them with company catalogues equips them with the latest product details and prices. Individual users can then use this information to create their own order lists.

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