Striking results in such a short time

American Clothing Associates, along with the best know brands River Woods, R95th and Talking French (sister company), has more than 100 shops in the Benelux, France and Germany. A good five months after the implementation of Tradcom we asked Facility Manager Peter Vermeulen for an initial evaluation.

American Clothing Associates has its main office in Evergem, where the showroom and central services are based, among others. Since April 2010, both the shop managers and the staff of the central department have been buying the’ indirect material’ from Boma and Staples, through Tradcom.

Everyone enthusiastically welcomed the switch. Tradcom has considerably simplified our working method and introduced more efficiency. We were almost immediate able to free up a full-time employee for others tasks, which have saved us a new recruitment. And all this without any investment on our part, says Facility Manager Peter Vermeulen.

From fax to web
"The situation before the implementation of Tradcom did work, but was not optimal. We had long-term contracts with suppliers and the ordering method was laborious. Faxing, manually filling in Excel files, sending them back and so froth. Additionally, due to our growth we were taking up more and more warehouse space for these ‘secondary’ goods. Room we could well have done with for our clothes. We had one employee engaged fulltime with these activities."

From fragmentation to integration
"Our bookkeeping was a real job to split the invoicing up for each of our shops. In other words, double work was being done and we had to coordinate the deliveries ourselves with the transports. We had therefore been looking for an efficiency-increasing solution for some time. Some suppliers do have their own online shops, but then you have to remember all the various passwords, users’ names, procedures... What we actually wanted was to keep the entire process as simple as possible."

From redundancy to performance
"Every project has bumps in the road to begin with. But those were soon smoothed out during the first test phase. Since then, the application has worked without a hitch. The big plus is the integration of the various suppliers into one system and the efficient control. Each person responsible for ordering can order in a uniform way from our compiled lists via the central platform, each time with a fixed minim amount for each order. This keeps expenditure under control and we always have an overview entirely without paper. And when we request or order a product, the agreed price is requested in the background in real time. That way, orders are placed and filled at the correct price. This easy control and user-friendliness, saves a whole lot of time and ensures fewer errors. Finally, the task of transport is taken out of our hands. Certainly in the peak-sensitive sector, and that should never be underestimated."

Return on … no investment
"Our investment in all that? When it comes down to it, just paying for the translation of the manual! Incidentally, we are not yet taking advantage of the entire tool. In the future, we will be going into it in more depth, evaluating the costs per m2 and the number of FTEs per shops. This will provide us with the opportunity to streamline better and intervene swiftly in aberrations, which become immediately visible. In other words: There’s no turning back the clock!"