Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to use TradCom?

TradCom is a supplier-driven platform. TradCom is an extra communication channel for suppliers in addition to personal contact, communication via company brochures, websites, catalogues, quotations and so forth.
With TradCom you can answer such questions as “How many units do you have in stock?”, “What is your price to me?” and “What are the packaging quantities?”, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Suppliers use TradCom to provide this information free of charge.

Can I track who has ordered what within our organisation?

A user’s profile is created for each user at TradCom. This profile determines access to the catalogues, the visibility of price and stock information for items and whether items can be ordered. When a user logs in to TradCom, using his user’s name and password, this is tested against his profile and determines his further search and order options.
TradCom provides reports down to individual user level, including all order details.

Is it possible to control who orders what products and at what price?

For every user in your organisation, your Tradcom manager is able to determine to which catalogues or order lists the user has access.
The budget and authorisation functions allow an approval procedure to be started per user. Budgetary control is possible on order price, available budget over time or a combination of these parameters.
Both the applicant and the approver are informed by e-mail.

Can I see prices as a visitor?

As a registered user, when you see product prices, these are the prices valid at the moment of the search, called up from the supplier’s ERP system. To enable this, your customer code is linked to your registration data at TradCom. You therefore always see the prices you have agreed with the supplier.

Can a new order be created from an order history?

Past orders can be directly copied to the shopping cart from the order overview. Items and numbers are easy to change into a new order. Per item the current price is automatically retrieved from the ERP system of the Tradcom supplier in the background. Your order is forwarded to the supplier with the current prices.

Can I manage items in addition to the Tradcom catalogue items?

In the Tradcom stock management module, items can be managed in addition to the items already in the Tradcom supplier's catalogues. It's also possible to create suppliers. Using an Excel template, items can be uploaded to this module.
To use this feature, you need to reach a subscription agreement with Tradcom. The number of items to be managed determines the annual subscription fee. The document to request a subscription can be downloaded from the Tradcom download section.