WML in Maastricht

“30% savings since Tradcom launch”

At the Water Company Limburg in Maastricht, the employees from now on order their work clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) online themselves. “Sometimes you can save by giving employees more responsibility. And Tradcom is the perfect tool for this”, the logistics responsible explains.

Logistician John van Wezel is enthusiastic: “We are still in the improvement stage, but the general feeling was obvious soon enough: satisfied employees AND satisfied bosses, because our management and operating costs for personal equipment have dropped by no less than 30%. With the Tradcom online order facility we had finally found the right tool to organise this for our 180 people. In practice, every employee receives a half-yearly budget to freely spend on clothes and material. An online ‘basket’, which is filled every six months.”

van Wezel: “You will easily stop to think twice before rushing into ordering something. On the one hand you force people to deal with their stuff in a sensible way, on the other you make it very easy for them. They can choose for themselves what they order when, at the time they need or want something. The affirmative structure in the application facilitates a comforting user experience: a feeling like ‘I have done it right, everything is fine’. Mistakes are very rare. Tradcom is incidentally flexible enough to deal with this in a pragmatic way.”

Low threshold, high usability
According to WML itself, also from an organisational point of view considerable time and efficiency was realised: “The entire administration, logistics and communication are merely a fraction compared to what once was”, van Wezel confirms. “Because the full gear for 180 employees obviously involves a lot of money. And that is where the shoe pinches. We noticed that it was lacking structure. It was all too fragmented, with many communication channels, different delivery locations and limited cost transparency. Centralise and simplify was the message.”

“Great asset of Tradcom is that it convinces through using it. You can accomplish many things, while at the same time it is very accessible and user-friendly. This way, for example, you select the catalogue, geared to the function, from which someone can choose. There is therefore no need for the user to browse through endless lists which prevents mistakes. But the real goal, to increase the governance, is a ‘mission accomplished’: everything proceeds in a detailed, transparent and controllable fashion. At present, we are considering to include tools in the application. Since Tradcom communicates impeccably with SAP, it is perfectly feasible.”